Best working fat burner pills

Jul 25, 2022 Health

What role does integration play in all of this?

I would start by dividing the supplements that can be used in a weight loss diet into two categories. The indirect ones, of which I have already written, (see articles: lipoic acid , acetyl carnitine , article glutamine ) and the direct ones, also called thermogenic ones that act on the metabolism making sure that more calories are burned. These substances can act on the nervous system (such as guarana or caffeine) and can also have negative effects. In some subjects, for example, caffeine has the opposite effect causing an increase in the hormones that the body secretes in phases of stress, such as cortisol, which in turn tends to raise blood sugar, which is absolutely to be avoided Best working fat burner pills.

How to behave?

The “thermogenic” supplements activate the metabolism and this leads to an increase in heat which in turn causes the body to burn more calories and consequently fats.

The substances used for this purpose are different, but how can you figure out which ones are really useful? Some act on the nervous system, such as caffeine for example, which if not dosed in the right way and associated with the right complex of other substances can increase cortisol and blood sugar , two effects that we absolutely do not want to have.

Best working fat burner pills

So what to do? it is always a question of balance, a fat burner, it must not create a condition of euphoria and breathlessness in those who take it, that is not the evaluation parameter. Most of the supplements of this type, which they sell sold at low cost, try to induce this result, to make the consumer believe that the product is effective. In reality this effect is easy to obtain, (and above all inexpensive) just add a high dose of caffeine to the preparation, which is not synonymous with the effectiveness of the supplement, indeed as mentioned above in some cases it can be deleterious and harmful.

A good thermogenic fat burner must not create imbalances, it must act in a gentle way on the nervous system AND not make your heart beat … (as a patient of mine said to explain the effectiveness of a fat burner). The supplement must be functional to our state of health and the result must last over time.