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Dec 14, 2021 Health

What is the best and safe guide when taking any prescribed medications?

Most people are taking three or more prescription medications. These are the older adults that are taking any prescribed medications to enhance their health. And because you’re taking many medicines a day you might make mistakes. You could be taking a higher dose, drinking the wrong medicine, or missing a dose in every prescribed medicine. When you don’t like to experience these you can have the My Medadvisor. This is to keep all your medications in the right order.

Tips in handling your medications in the right way

Form a list of your medications

You have to make a list of all the medicines that you’re taking. You also have to add your prescribed medicines, vitamins, herbs, OTC drugs, and supplements. You can share the list of yours with your doctor, pharmacists, and caregivers.

Bring the list with you

Since you’re making a list of your medications you also have to bring the prescriptions with you wherever you go. This is the easiest way for your caregivers or family members to discuss. Whether you have questions about the medicine you’re taking or its side effects.

medication management

Buy from one pharmacy only

And you’re starting to buy your prescribed medications at a pharmacy. It is better that you buy from the same pharmacy. This will be helpful especially when you have a lot of medicines to buy. The pharmacy itself also keeps all the information in the same place. It will be easier for you and the pharmacist to look out for any drug interactions and side effects.

Use the calendar or chart for your medications

When you’re tracking your medicines you have to use the calendars and charts to avoid missing out. It will make you right on schedule and this is helpful when you’re forgetful. And also a smart move for medicines that you take weekly or once a month. This is to avoid any side effects in your body.

Get a pill organizer

There are now organizers that have compartments where you can keep your medicine every day. It will help you in taking your medicine regularly at the proper time. Other than pill organizers there is medication synchronization. It is where all your prescribed medications are due and getting new ones at once. It will be an automatic refill because it is being sent to a mail-order.

Set an alarm and have a routine

When you’re taking different medicines every day you have to set an alarm for it. This is to avoid any confusion and forgetting your medicine. This is also helpful because you’re drinking the right medicine at the right time. You have to drink your medicines the way it was prescribed to you by the doctor. When you missed your dose you can ask your doctor or pharmacist for advice.