Try reliable screening services in Singapore

Aug 23, 2022 Health

Try reliable screening services in Singapore

If you tried conceiving a child, you must have wanted to know if the child is healthy and doesn’t suffer from some underlying diseases that are not good for him. In this case, the [possible solution is to use fertility screening to check the underlying conditions of the developing fetus. Not all fertility centers provide reliable, accurate services, but fertility screening singapore. The center is equipped with modern and advanced technological solutions to diagnose and treat expecting mothers with the issue they are facing.

What is fertility testing?

When mothers are expecting their child, many health concerns must be taken care of until the child is delivered. What goes inside a mother’s body is a complex situation, and it is not easy to detect any underlying problem with the developing child. Suppose the fetus develops a genetic disorder or any dangerous disease. In that case, it can only be diagnosed once the child is born, but that shall be too late if it is cancer, hemophilia, and other incurable diseases. Therefore, it is better to take necessary precautions by doing the fertility test. The test gives us an accurate picture of what is happening inside a mother’s womb and what measures should be taken to ensure the mother and child are both safe and healthy.

fertility screening singapore

What else is it used for?

In today’s time, where both men and women are working, the newly married couple conceives late, which may be due to their busy schedules or their career prospects, as a result of the passing of age, the bearing capacity, and the regenerating capacity of the body goes down. Many times, even after repeated attempts, couples are unable t conceive. In this case, a fertility check is suggested for both men in women to find the health of the ovum and sperm. In most cases, it is not the women but the men who contribute to the failure of pregnancy.

The procedure of fertility test

There are three types of tests that a patient chooses from:

  • Hormonal blood test- there might be some time when you will have to get your hormones checked to find any abnormalities in the secretion of hormones.
  • Pre-conception tests are taken before conceiving to ensure that the mother’s health is okay and that she is mentally and physically able to conceive.
  • Scans- the mother undergoes a proper scan to ensure that her uterus is ready to invite the child into a healthy state.

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