Meet Delta 9 Brands: Canada's Largest Dispensary Chain

Aug 12, 2022 Health

Meet Delta 9 Brands: Canada’s Largest Dispensary Chain

Delta 9 is a company that makes cannabis products for medical and recreational use and it offers the Best Delta 9 Brands to Buy Delta 9 as well.


Delta 9 has a large range of different products, all with their own benefits. For example, if you have chronic pain or cancer, the Delta 9 Red Label product would be perfect for you. Even if you are just looking to unwind from work on your day off the relaxing effects of Delta 9’s Blue Label product may be more up your alley. No matter what your needs are, Delta 9’s products can help.


The company was founded in 2014 by Nelson Lachey, a former pharmaceutical and almond extract manufacturer. The company is located on 7 acres of land in Ontario, Canada and employs over 120 people.

There are three brands under Delta 9: Delta 9 Bio-Tech Inc., Delta 9 Cannabis ETF Inc., and the parent company, Delta 9 Cannabis Inc.

Best Delta 9 Brands to Buy Delta 9

Growth/Progressing Future Plans

Delta 9 has recently signed an agreement with WeedMD Inc., which will see the two companies work together to produce cannabis products for medical consumers. Delta 9’s products are set to be fully ramped up for the medical market once the WeedMD deal is finalized.

Delta 9 has also been creating partnerships with other cannabis companies around Canada, including Kind Metals and Emerald Health Therapeutics.

Delta 9 has also recently signed a distribution agreement with Shoppers Drug Mart. The partnership will see Delta 9 sell its products in every province except Quebec, where distribution is currently prohibited.

The distribution agreement will last four years, which expires in April of 2019, after which both companies will have the option to renew the agreement for another term.

Delta 9 is also working to establish cannabis partnerships with the provincial governments of Ontario, Manitoba and Quebec.

Delta 9 owns a chain of cannabis retail stores

The first Delta 9 Cannabis Store opened in February 2016, while the other two locations became operational in April and November respectively. The flagship store is located near Toronto’s Union Station, while the other two are located on Yonge Street in downtown Toronto and at the Sherway Gardens shopping centre in Etobicoke. Delta 9 has set up operations to cater to all three provinces that have legalized cannabis, but as of yet there are no plans for expansion outside of Ontario or Manitoba.

The Delta 9 Cannabis Store locations are open to all recreational cannabis consumers over the age of 19, whether they are a medical patient or not.

 In November 2018, legalization turned a year old and Canada became the world’s largest country to legalize marijuana.

 The legal age for purchasing and consuming recreational cannabis is 19 years old. It is illegal for any person under the age of 19 to consume or be in