Synthetic Urine Kit

Jul 27, 2022 Health

How Does a Synthetic Urine Kit Work

Synthetic urine is created in a laboratory by taking human urine samples, removing all the drugs from the samples, and then adding nutrients to replicate what you would typically consume. These nutrients are put into capsules that release slowly to prevent detection of when someone is tampering with their system. A synthetic urine test consists of three main steps: preparing the synthetic urine, testing the synthetic urine, and verifying results. The most crucial step is to prepare the synthetic urine, which occurs only once beforehand. If you begin your test while it is still fresh or has not yet fully degraded, it will be harder to find something on your test strip. Go to for more information.

Synthetic urine is created by taking a sample of your urine and removing everything from it, including all traces of sugar. This means that synthetic urine does not test for the presence of drugs or other compounds usually detectable by urinalysis testing. The synthetic urine kit creators then add replacement nutrients to the sample, slowly released into your system to simulate normal digestion and elimination. Most kits contain several different nutrients intended to add variation in color, odor (which most people find more realistic), and frequency of trips to the bathroom. The final result is a urine sample that is regular enough so that you can pass a drug screen or get accepted in a sport without any suspicion.

Synthetic Urine

The next step is to test the synthetic urine. Though there are several different testing methods, each one detects a different molecule or group of molecules. Some kits test for various compounds at once. A detection technique can be as accurate as 99% or less depending on the tested substance and sample size. Kits will provide directions on ensuring that the synthetic urine is authentic and not tampered with. If you go through this process, it may be wise to get advice from friends or professionals beforehand to avoid embarrassing situations.

The last part of the process is to verify the results. This is done by taking a second synthetic urine sample and testing it against your first sample. When two samples are taken at once, this is called a double-blind test. This means that the technician or testing company cannot tell which sample comes from which person, and the only way to know is through the results. Results of random drug tests can be reported in hours, days, weeks, or even months.

Many believe synthetic urine is just another way to cheat on drug tests. However, synthetic urine doesn’t give you any advantage over someone who doesn’t use synthetic urine and takes their drug test regularly.