THC detox

Jul 26, 2022 Health

Get Drugs Out Of Your System With The Quickest THC detox

Drug abuse has been a menace to our society. The disasters it brought are endless. The rise in crimes, rise in the death toll, decrease in human empathy, increase in diseases, and much more; everything has drug abuse as common roots. One such mostly abused drug is marijuana.

Tetrahydrocannabinol is shortly known as THC, the main ingredient of marijuana that is responsible for the symptoms the drug causes. One may opt for detox methods for many reasons. It could be regrets or fear. Well, slow detox methods are always an option but not if you have a drug test to pass in a few days that will probably decide your life. In such a case, the quickest THC detox methods are the only savior you can get.

Quickest thc detox

Methods of drug testing and THC detox:

There are many detox methods but the quickest ones are short on the list. Before passing a test it makes more sense to know about the test procedure. There are 4 possible methods for a drug test.

  • Urine test: the contents of urine will be tested to detect traces of THC. In this case, detox drinks available in the market are capable of solving the problem. Intake of drinks is recommended with great amounts of water. This method takes barely minutes to hours to flush out toxins out of our body.
  • Blood test: this is slightly trickier than a urine test as the toxins stay in the blood longer than they are excreted. Detox pills are available which can be consumed 5-15 days before D-day. However, side effects are possible.
  • Hair follicle test: a hair sample is taken for testing and can detect traces even of the previous 90 days. Detox shampoos are available to wash off the THC deposits in our follicles. It is easy to use and is similar to any other shampoo.
  • Saliva test or swab test: to avoid detection of drugs in saliva mouthwashes are available.

All the above methods are expectedly expensive.

Substitute homely detox methods:

The quickest THC detox method need not always be the expensive product sold on the market. It could just be a combination of home ingredients. A mix of lemon juice, water, and mint has been proved to be acting as a detox. Consumption of cranberry juice and apple cider vinegar has also proved to be effective against THC.