Forget spice

Aug 01, 2022 Health

Forget spice, add some saltiness to your life!

We often say let’s add up some spice to our lives when we are bored, but turns out adding salt will actually make it better. I’ll tell you why and how. Do you know about nicotine e-salts? Don’t worry if you know or don’t know I am going to describe it anyways. Nicotine e-salts are basically salts that are made up using nicotine and an acid, if you use different acids you are more likely to get different combination of products along with the conjugate form of ammonium nicotine. You can generally find these in the leaves of tobacco.Now let’s see some of the different combinations, the Best Nicotine salts E juice Flavors.

In the past few years, these salts have taken over the world and it’s all working out because of vapes, which are so easy to use and carry around in your pocket, smoke as much as you want. If you are interested in vaping, smoking of any kind you should be careful about it, because it is neither the best thing for you nor is it the safest. The best part about these are that they are not like these typical cigarettes, they don’t run out quickly and you can refill them anytime that you want.

Nicotine Salts E-Juices

Vaping is actually safer than smoking and not as addictive and injurious to a person but at the same time you can still experience the side effects of being high. Many smokers have turned towards vaping in the past few years. Nicotine salts are a good and effective way for helping smokers quit their addiction.

It could get difficult trying to find the best brands selling these products so after doing a proper research (the best for my readers), I’ve come up with these suppliers.

Top places where you can buy/find nicotine e-salts.

  • Maui Sun.
    • It uses fruity flavors in the making of nicotine e-salts such as, tangerine and pineapple.
    • They only use natural and fruity ingredients.
  • Pee wee kiwi.
    • It is the most popular company in the whole of United States and is produced by Humble juice.
    • It uses natural as well as artificial flavors along with its USP vegetable oil and other products.
  • Watermelon chill.
    • It is one of the best products under various other products of the dinner lady.

It comes in excellent flavors which keeps you up on your toes for more.