Nov 18, 2021 Health

Benefits Of Massages In Pregnancy

The prenatal massage, that is the one that is practiced on the expectant mother during pregnancy, is a massage full of advantages. Practiced for centuries to improve the well-being of women and take care of the future newborn, it relieves the body’s discomfort due to the different phases of muscle tension, stress and swelling Geelong Myowell.

Prenatal massages, positive for mom and baby

For the pregnant woman, it is not just a matter of indulging in a moment of relaxation and relaxation, therefore, but also receiving favorable effects on health through manipulations carried out to reduce pain and anxiety, which can appear during gestation.

The massage therapy techniques are different, but among the most used for massages during pregnancythere are Swedish massage therapies and lymphatic drainage, which can relax existing muscle tension and improve both blood and lymphatic circulation. The pressure of the massage is light and slow, as it must be for prenatal massages during gestation, and is able to support the woman during the phases of change that involve the body from different points of view, from hormonal to muscular and skeletal.

Above all, the lower limbs are affected by a strong stagnation of liquids, also due to estrogen as well as the weight from the belly. The massage has a beneficial effect on swelling, bringing well-being and greater lightness to the legs. For those who train through massage courses, it is possible to specialize in the manual therapy of prenatal massage, to practice a very useful art for the benefit of mothers and future babies.

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The massage that helps regulate hormones

Massages during pregnancy can help regulate the hormones that trigger excessive moods, such as norepinephrine and cortisol, which are reduced thanks to the action of massage manipulation.

Hormonal changes are sometimes present even with low levels of serotonin and dopamine, which instead must be supported to keep the positive mood high both before and after childbirth. These hormones also favor fewer complications during childbirth, and for this reason a constant massage during motherhood is recommended, that is, it is an integral part of prenatal care.

Decreased swelling in pregnancy

During gestation, there is often a state of reduced blood circulation also linked to an increase in pressure on the major blood vessels. This situation is determined by the heaviness of the uterus and usually causes swelling of the joints and limbs, especially the lower ones. Thanks to the massage dedicated to pregnant women, the soft tissues are stimulated to decrease the stagnant fluids in the joints subject to edema (swelling), improving lymphatic circulation and the disposal of residues and toxins from the tissues. Furthermore, it is good to remember that the lymph must be regulated for its function in the transport of proteins, lipids and essential substances for the body, and because it plays a part in the correct response to pathogenic attacks by our immune system.